House Fly


6mm long, wingspan of 10mm, grey / blackchequered abdomen which is slightly hairy, blackish stripes on thorax, distance between eyes wide in female and narrow in male, vein bends sharply before reaching edge of wing. At rest wings are spread. Larvae are white and opaque and pointed.

Habitat & Breeding

The house fly is found around dustbins, compactors and where there are poor hygiene practices. Up to 150 eggs, each 1mm long, laid in batches at a time in the selected foodstuffs and larvae starts putrefaction that is spread by the adults with bacteria on their bodies. Up to five batches are laid in their lifetime, larvae (maggots) hatch in eight to 48 hours and are 1mm long depending on temperature. The larvae have three moults and reach 12mm in length. The larva then travels some distance to pupate and will crawl up smooth surfaces if moist. It prefers to pupate in the soil and buries itself 7cm-60cm depending on the medium. The larval skin is cast turning into a puparium, this is 5mm-6mm long. The adult fly hatches three to four weeks later. The fly lives for 25-52 days and is found from April to November normally.

Control Information

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