Wasp Control

Common Wasp

Control can be achieved by using the following methods: Proofing doors, windows and openings, with screens and curtains as appropriate; cleaning spillage from a delivery point, e.g. syrup/sugar from intake pipes in a wall; locating nests on site and carrying out a treatment with a residual insecticide formulation; siting ultra violet flykillers in corridors and near entrances to catch insects breaching the barriers.

Wasps are highly attracted to UV but control should not be attempted with flykillers alone. In extreme circumstances a fogging or misting treatment can be carried out if found in large numbers and if a knockdown is required. Approaching a wasp nest should not be undertaken without wearing full protective clothing. The best time to get rid of the nest is early morning or late at night when they are at rest. Never try to burn an active wasp nest or flood it with water because the wasp will become aggressive.

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