Silverfish Control

Silverfish are not difficult to control. Any packaging and pallets must not be kept in a damp environment. If a high humidity level (RH) can be reduced these insects will not survive. Ventilation or the use of a de-humidifier will help. Silverfish will desiccate in arid conditions.

When using baits or dusts, get it as close as possible to the silverfish habitat for maximum effect. Make sure that the bait and dust stays hidden from humans and pets. If you have a severe active infestation of silverfish, further action will need to be taken. Look at stored boxes and insulation in your attic as a food source for the silverfish. In packaging stores and warehouses treat cracks and crevices with a residual insecticide. Seal any known refuges or cracks to deny them harbourage. Site crawling insect monitors to record activity if large infestations found.

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