Mole Control

Majority of succesful mole control comes in the form of trapping, using various traps such as the barrel trap, scissor traps and talpex style traps. Aluminium phosphides (gassing compounds) can be used in certain circumstances where trapping may be ineffective or inappropriate. This can only be undertaken by qualified professional personel trained in the use of aluminium phosphides.

With all mole control methods and particularly with trapping, patience and persistence are the key words. Trapping moles with mole traps is usually easiest during the spring and autum with mole activity at its peak. Trapping in the spring can also eliminate the pregnant females, reducing population.

Sometimes mole control involves nothing more than a little encouragement to move elsewhere. Using natural mole repellents may be just the thing to get rid of moles. Not only is this option safer for the environment (as well as pets and children) but it’s also better for the moles. Rather than killing them, natural repellents simply keep them at bay.

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