Bed Bug Control

The area to be treated should be cleared of people, and any bedsheets or soft furnishings removed for cleaning. The areas to be treated will include all bed areas in the affected dormitory, and any dormitory or bedroom areas adjoining the affected area.

There is no need to destroy beds unless they are badly damaged and bed bugs are actually living inside the mattress. These should ideally be burnt. Mattresses must be removed from all beds and lightly sprayed, paying special attention to seams and buttons. Bed frames to be sprayed in all cracks and crevices, and all surfaces to be lightly sprayed. All surrounding areas to be treated and any other similar place that may harbour infestation. Use a pyrethroid spray-can to flush insects from harbourages. Finally, lightly spray the whole carpet area of the room. All adjoining rooms adjacent to and around the affected bedroom must also be treated along with corridors or hallways.

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