Ant Control

Garden Ant / Common Black Ant

Control is often difficult if the seat of a colony is not reached when applying a residual insecticide. It's advisable to watch foraging ants going back and forth and to treat the nest sites rather than applying a blanket spray treatment to their runs, the latter method seldom works and results in copious call-backs to site.

Ants will sometimes avoid a preparation applied at wall/floor junctions, it acts as a repellent to them. Deep seated colonies in a wall or cavity or even a concrete floor will probably require a follow up treatment. Ants can come from outside via a defective wall, window frame or via a pipe. Carrying out simple proofing can control passing through a wall, possibly a mastic or similar material can be applied to seal cracks. Wall floor junctions along pathways should be sealed with cement.

Flying ants are sometimes a problem in the summer, apply a residual insecticide to the nest exit holes where they are coming from if possible. A knockdown misting treatment may be necessary to bring their numbers under control, the flying phase is only short.

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